• Aug 19, 2014
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Tips for Dorm Room Decor

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Heading off to college is a big, and sometimes scary, move to make. It's a new, exciting adventure and it deserves a comfy place to unwind and call your own. However, decorating for a dorm room can be tough. It's a small space and there isn't much room to go to crazy with decorations. But don't worry, we've pulled together some of the best practices, tips and tricks for dorm room decor to make it a little easier for you.


dorm room ideas

Top: Apartment Therapy  Bottom: Meredith MCG Right: IRepairHome

First and foremost, storage is the most important dilemma to address in a dorm room. It's impossible to have a beautiful space if there isn't a place for everything to store away. Storage bins, boxes, sticky notes, labels, tape, calenders, sharpies and more. Everything will be needed to make an organized dorm room function. Make sure you have all the essentials first, such as school supplies, computer gadgets, chargers and extension chords. These are the things you will need everyday to succeed at school. Make a home for each essential and label the place it belongs.

Patterns & Colors

dorm room ideas

Area Rug designs from Carpet One Floor & Home.

Next comes the fun part! Colors and patterns look great in a dorm room, or any small space for that matter. Bright, popping colors paired with vintage or floral patterns will brighten your space and make it unique. An area rug is the perfect addition to a dorm room. Purchase an area rug and a bed spread that match, then accessorize from there!


dorm room ideasTop: Handmade Charlotte Bottom: HerCampus Left: Buzzfeed

Finally, its time to personalize the space and really make it your own. These are the decorations you'll cherish after you start feeling a little homesick. Place photos of everything you love on your walls or on your cork boards. Adding personal touches makes the space feel less foreign and more like a little piece of home. There are dozens of ways to organize and hang your photos and things you love. Do it in a way that will make you the most happy.

For more dorm room decor inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board.

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