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Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Wood and stone can add natural style and luxury to any home, but because of durability concerns, they are not perfect for every setting. Hardwood, for example, cannot be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas. For these areas, we at Floor Decorators Carpet One Floor & Home in Bremerton recommend choosing luxury vinyl flooring. What exactly is luxury vinyl?

What Is Luxury Vinyl?

As we hinted at before, luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT flooring, is a more durable alternative to wood and stone. Unlike its natural counterparts, luxury vinyl has a synthetic construction, so it will not stain or scratch even after years of use. So, it can be installed in areas where wood and stone are not suitable. Nonetheless, although it does have a synthetic construction, luxury vinyl does look like wood and stone. It is even available in tiles and planks, and some high-end styles offer authentic surface textures.

There are a few different luxury vinyl options, but glue-down luxury vinyl is one of our favorites. Glue-down luxury vinyl, as its name implies, is glued down directly to the subfloor, so its installation is considered permanent and watertight.

What Are the Different Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl tile flooring is a durable alternative to ceramic and porcelain tile.

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Vinyl plank flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood and laminate.

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Sheet vinyl flooring limits the seams on the surface of the floor.

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Learn About Luxury Vinyl

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Natural Looks

Luxury vinyl flooring is specially-made to look exactly like real wood and tile. In fact, many luxury vinyl floors even feel like their natural counterparts.

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Installation Versatility

Luxury vinyl flooring, because it is water and wear resistant, can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Let us help you make the best choice for your desired setting.

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Easy Maintenance

Compared to other flooring types, luxury vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Any spills or dirt can be wiped from the surface without any issues.

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