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Custom Showers

Custom Tile Showers

At Floor Decorators Carpet One Floor & Home in Bremerton, we don’t just carry a beautiful selection of tile for flooring, but we also carry a gorgeous collection of tile to help you create a custom tile shower. There are many reasons to invest in a custom shower in your bathroom, and our experts can help you get started today! We can even give you design advice to help you get the bathroom design you’ve always dreamed of, whether you are looking for a cozy-chic space or a clean-lined modern space.



Benefits of a Custom Shower

Why should you invest in a custom tile shower? There are many reasons! Custom tile showers are ideal because they can help you create a spa-like space in your own home. With a custom shower, you’ll appreciate both the beauty and the ability to use it on a daily basis!


Another benefit of a custom shower is that it adds real estate value to your home. When potential homebuyers see that you took the time to invest in the upgrade, they will likely choose your home over others that don’t have an upgraded bathroom. A custom tile shower is worth the time and money spent!


Tile showers are easy to maintain. Because tile is a hard-surface material that is water-resistant or waterproof, it doesn’t require much maintenance. Keeping it clean is easy to do; you only need to scrub grout lines occasionally and wipe it down with a cloth or a sponge. When it comes to replacing tiles, once they are installed, it’s not likely that you’ll need to do so. Tile generally doesn’t crack or chip, even with daily wear and tear. In addition, you can rely on tile to be a long-lasting material in your space.

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