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Stain-Resistant Carpet

Is Carpet Stain-Resistant?

Many homeowners love the appearance of carpet, but worry about spills and pet accidents ruining their new floor. Fortunately, today’s market offers a variety of stain-resistant carpets that are easy to clean and able to handle your active family. At Floor Decorators Carpet One Floor and Home, we offer an impressive range of modern stain-fighting carpets, including both residential and commercial products. We proudly provide flooring and services to Bremerton, WA and surroundings, including Mason County, Kitsap County, and Pierce County.

While no carpet is 100% stain-proof, today’s products have amazing features to keep them looking beautiful. Our stain-resistant carpet brands include Tigressá, Relax, it’s...Lees, OATH by Resista, and Innovia Touch Xtreme. These will repel moisture and stains, as well as odors to promote a fresh, beautiful atmosphere. Some have a stain treatment that coats the carpet’s surface to repel liquids and keep pigments from permanently settling in. Others have stain-resistant treatments built into the fibers themselves for protection that won’t wear off.

Additionally, certain carpet fibers like polyester, triexta, and olefin are inherently stain-resistant to non-oil based stains. We also have specific carpet colors, patterns, and textures that hide blemishes and are easier to clean. Additionally, our carpet tiles have become common in commercial settings, as well as home playrooms and basements. Each tile can be easily replaced if it becomes stained, making it easy to keep your new carpet looking beautiful for longer.

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